Standing an average of 15ft (4.5m) tall, these flightless, bird-like creatures have four legs, metallic looking beaks and vibrant, colourful plumage. They can release a cloud of thick black, toxic smoke from an internal gland as a defense (or attack) mechanism; this 'smoke sack' can be removed making them easier to domesticate.
Achaierai are generally opinionated, difficult to deal with 'monstrosities'. However, they respond well to a dominant personality.
They generally eat grain, but won't turn down meat.

They are ridden by The Flock and trained by Whizellio aka."Wheeze" in Winkburgh for use by The Duke, who gives three of them to the party as draft animals for a vardo (caravan). The party name them Bleff Blandana, Pancake and Land Thighs (who is found to have lain an egg in episode 31). The party's animals were not yet adults and therefore more docile and easier to handle, though they still had to assert themselves over the creatures with Wheeze's help.
Because of Fahima's adept handling, the creatures became loyal to the party and willing to push themselves longer distances - they trusted her, however they took an instant disliking to James!

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