Boom, boom, boom,

Is the sound of a heart that is beating. 

Boom, boom, boom, 

When someone special catches your eye. 

I admit in the past I thought these emotions were fleeting --

But clearly I'm wrong, so I'd like to apologize.

Uggo, I'm sorry.

I didn't know you had feelings,

And it shatters me to think that I broke your heart.

The Dungeon Run - Episode 31- The Road to the Mountain

The Dungeon Run - Episode 31- The Road to the Mountain

You're my best friend here. 

I really thought we were siblings.

And just goes to show --

I can't tell all feelings apart.

Now, James, I do love you --

But as a friend only!

(James: Yeah, of course!)

I think that was clear --

(James: Very, yeah.) 

Today, ambiguity ends, right? 

(James: Understood.)

And Fahima, we've covered --

This topic completely

Frankly, your haircut's not for me --

We are Just. Friends.

(Fahima: The feeling's mutual.)

Now, Siv's where things get...

A little bit tricky.

While my heart, it beats for you,

My mind won't let me commit. 

But now I do trust that you love me.

And I'm sorry I doubted -- 

Your words when you first, I guess, said it.

So Boom, boom, boom,

Is the sound of my feet as I'm leaving. 

If there is a chance that I'll tear this group apart.

Boom, boom, boom I will walk away if I need to --

But I want you to know --

You've each taken a piece of my heart.

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