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Campaign 2 Episode Guide
# Title Desciption Airdate Video Link
0 Character Prologues Meet the characters of The Dungeon Run Campaign 2 in a prologue story before episode 1 officially begins. Each character is introduced in a private game with the two Dungeon Masters to establish where they came from and how they were swept up into the adventure. 6-15-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 0 - Character Prologues

1 Ice to Meet You A NEW ADVENTURE BEGINS! Five strangers find themselves magically transported to a strange, frozen landscape with no explanation. Each unique in their own way, they do their best to come together in an attempt to understand what's happened to them and why. But the harsh tundra and dangerous beasts won't make it easy to uncover the truth… 6-29-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 1 - Ice to Meet You

2 Cold Sweat After being magically transported to a strange, arctic temple inhabited by dangerous ice elementals, the 5 new adventurers must fight their way out without freezing to death. But escaping the cave may only be the beginning of their problems as they soon discover they are farther from home than anyone could have imagined… 7-6-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 2 - Cold Sweat

Session 0 #6 Cristobal Prologue A New Character Emerges 7-20-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 0 Pt. 2 - Cristobal

3 A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Still freezing and missing one ally, the four remaining adventurers must work together in order to stay alive in the dangerous arctic landscape. But when a magical discovery reveals a new character, an elegant wizard named Cristobal, the party starts to wonder if there's something bigger and stranger going on here in the treacherous tundra of Tas. 7-26-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 3 - A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

4 The Stormborn After battling fearsome beasts in the unfamiliar frozen landscape, the 5 unwilling adventurers find allies in the Ramhedë, a herd of sheep-like people doing their best to survive. But as the exhausted party is finally allowed to rest, a conversation with the Shepherd of the herd unveils even deeper mysteries, including tales of heroes chosen by the gods known only as... The Stormborn. 8-3-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 4 - The Stormborn

5 Descending the Sunken Tower With Special Guest Jason Charles Miller! The party arrives at the dwarven ruins of Brudavik only to find a lonely ranger singing solemnly to himself. But there's a lot more going on in these damaged, weather-beaten buildings than meets the eye. Magic artifacts, ghostly hauntings and a tower sunken beneath the ice await as the heroes try to uncover the mystery of the Astral Dwarves in this strange frozen outpost! 8-10-22

The Dungeon Run - Campaign 2, Episode 5 - Descending the Sunken Tower