A poem in prose by Siv RedThistle

 Divine maelstrom stirs within me

From blessed shadow where dawn's thy face

Virtuous Wardens pass without notice

As breath left speechless roars pure for thy love

Into the night, melting, slipping, silent all the while

To careless moon go whispers of sweet embrace

The Dungeon Run - Episode 9- Shantytown

The Dungeon Run - Episode 9- Shantytown

Twins souls sifted as pebbles on to sandy shores

Hair of strawberry, fur of gold

Pleasures proven untouched

Every freckle a divine constellation mapped

By this sailor lost in such ocean of thine eyes

Time devours me whole

Takes all strength

Partnered to thy bewildering visage

Pray thee, wouldst I be but an elixir

consumed by thine heart?

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