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On this episode, Fahima , Siv , James , Lily , and Uggo find a way into the mysterious fallenLodestar , a massive tower from the sky, lying toppled in the forest. Inside, all manner of surprises and dangers await... and possibly some new allies.

DM/GM Intro

As you know it started as a simple Dungeon Run. Five adventurers all starting over with new lives, answer the call, and delve into a Dragon's Lair hoping to retrieve some treasure. What they found was a magical item trapped in crystal.

Unable to use or even identify this magical item, you all arranged a meeting in a tavern with a powerful wizard, said to be able to free the item from its crystal prison. It turns out the wizard Torvald the Timid sent his apprentice to the meeting instead, and just as that young boy Suth told them that his master would be able to help them, the tavern was attacked by an army of angry Kobolds.

In the ensuing chaos and fire, Suth opened a portal back to Torvald's camp, and our adventurers all managed to make it through that portal. But sadly, a local perfume salesman met a grizzly end attempting to get through the portal, and also Suth himself was killed as a new monster unexpectedly tried to pull Suth back through the portal.

Throwing Suth's decapitated head and arms in a sack, our adventurers met with Torvald finally. Torvald told them that he was part of a secret order of wizards called The Natural Order. Their task is to right wrongs, and maintain a balance in The Realms of Aïn .

Torvald tells our team that he and Suth had set up camp, and were investigating a strange structure in the woods, and asked our team to go investigate it in his stead, while he works to break through the magical crystal, and figure out what lies inside it. So bounding through the forests, large parts of which have been cut down systematically, our team of hearty adventurers arrives here at this massive structure...

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