The Dungeon Run - Episode 30 Strangers’ Fête

A very special Holiday episode! Holiday sweaters! Singing! Surprises! In the aftermath of their most harrowing battle yet, the Heroes of Bingle take stock of their losses, emotional and physical, and try to make it safely to the town of Marsh. With the danger of Skyscorcher Peak looming, will their relationships with each other be a bigger threat to the team than even the Ashen Mage’s magic?

DM/GM Intro

Twas the night of a simple dungeon run…

And all throughout Ain, 

not a creature was stirring, or so said the sign.

The parchment was hung, on a signpost with care

To loot an abandoned old dragon’s lair

The Amulet was nestled, all snug in that cave 

These adventurers retrieved it, more greedy than brave

But when the Amulet flashed and they saw the eye blink-it

Made them understand it’s much more than a trinket

It grants you the Watchers the power to give

Forces of chaos to James or to Siv

Or Lily or Uggo or Fahima too

They all feel the impact of things that you do

But much more than that, it’s the key to unlocking

The memories of Wardens whose powers can be shocking

Or firey or earthen or airy or wet

But the team hasn’t found all of those Wardens yet

The Wardens had long been protectors of Ain

During their watch the realms had done fine

But the Wardens were captured and our team traveled far

To free one in the sea and one in a Lodestar 

Now they’re heading to find one inside a volcano

Or maybe they won’t, after all what do they know?

They found clues about it inside a spell tower

Along with experiments of dark undead power

A hodgepodge of bodies all cobbled together

So they left in their vardo pulled by birds of a feather

But they didn’t get far when more battles broke out

Then their camp was invaded by a girl with a snout.

Xenalka - a werewolf! - gave all them a scare-but

She seemed to be nice, and had a great haircut

She and Fahima shared a connection

Together they cured their bird’s lycan infection

Then she told them her brother was bound by a coil

Rooted in blood on thick bloody soil

The apprentice named Vargen was off in the woods

Drawing blood from some werewolves, he was up to no good

So they stashed their Achaierai and vardo and snuck

Seeing scarier sights than a Duke as a Duck

Vargen the wizard in a foul bloody shell

The only thing worse than the sight was the smell

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any sicker

The ground was a bubbling layer of ichor

Each footfall they took was sticky and wet
They were facing their deadliest enemy threat.

James tried suggestion but it was resisted

Nevertheless these heroes persisted

The battle erupted; excitement and fear

The audience tensed up and started cheer

On Lily, on Uggo, on Fahima and James

On Siv and on Watchers with so many names

Use Forces of Good, use your spells and your maul

Now smash away, smash away, smash away all!

It took all they had and I’m not going to lie

For a second there, I thought that Uggo might die

When what to my wondering eyes did appear?

A Force of Good Hamlet; Uggo’s pain disappeared

With the help of the Watchers the heroes succeeded

Fighting Vargen even after the blood had receded

When he finally was vanquished, the ground ‘neth them cracked

Causing Lily the amulet bearer to react

 She was drawn to a curtain of hovering drops

Saw a vision of rangers perched in the treetops.

As Lily relayed the details of this dream-a

Xenalka tried reaching her hand to Fahima

 But Siv with a threat put a quick stop to that

Even werewolves are weary of our resident cat

Fahima was once again losing a crush

But before Xenalka leapt away in a rush

 She turned to Fahima, gave her reassurance

And a tube on a chain, saying simply: “Insurance”

Then Fahima and Lily found Vargen’s spellbook

And Fahima saw something - a cliffhangery hook

 Then I turned to the camera to say - and I quoth, “

"Dungeon Run is now done, Humankind, go be both."

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