Episode 37: The Magma Reserves

The Heroes of Bingle now have in their possession a prisoner of war. But debate rages on within the group as to what to do with him. As they prepare for another audience with the Dwarven King, what will the team decide to do, and what dangers await inside the Magma Reserves?

DM/GM Intro

It started as a simple Dungeon Run, five strangers who found their fates inextricably tied when they discovered The Secret Keepers Amulet. An ancient relic that channels chaos into their lives from across the planes of reality. It allows you, the watchers of the time stream, to effect their world and help shape their stories. The power of the Amulet also allows them to do astonishing things, including witnessing the lost history of Aïn through the hidden memories of its ancient protectors, the Wardens. Mighty titans who have watched over the Realms for generations. These Wardens have recently gone missing, and our team has taken up the task of finding them and freeing them from their unusual prisons. The first was a castle in the sky, a tower resting on the clouds that had been taken over by a mad tinkerer by the name of Fardinald Ertinfert. His diabolical clockwork creations were powered by the electrical energy of the Storm Warden. Our team ascended his tower, knocked him outta the sky and freed the Warden which crashed to the ground in the midst of an Orcish camp. Now as the Heroes of Bingle, or Last Call perhaps, Whatever they are called, as they journey to find their third Warden those Orcs and that tinkerer have taken on renewed significance. The trail to the Warden has led them into the heart of the Dwarvish lands and into combat. For decades the Dwarves have been clashing with the Orcs over the resources of the Nelrim mountains but that conflict has recently escalated into full blown war. As the Orcs have grown bolder, advancing on the Dwarven kingdom of Dalto Thum. Armed with a new weapon, an enormous cannon capable of bombarding the mountain stronghold with devastating force. The heroes came to Dalto Thum guided by two young conscientious objectors to the war. Dwarves who deserted their regiment and fled under threat of death. They helped our heroes find a Dwarf named Dondo Karigina, a Paladin, who had taken an Oath to the Candle Queen, the goddess of truth and good fortune. Karigina brought the team before the King of Dalto Thum, Ruzer Forebrand, to request access to the volcano known as Skyscorcher Peak where they believe the Warden is being held. The King informed them that the only way in to the volcano was through the sacred Dwarven site called the Fortress of the Four Former Forges. He agreed to allow the team access to the Fortress on one condition, they stop the siege of Dalto Thum. And so, the Heroes of Bingle assaulted the cannon eliminating the giant Ogres operating it just as the Orcish leader, Grollogo, their old foe from the Storm Warden's crash site, found them and attacked. Fahima polymorphed Uggo into a humongous ape and he used Orcish bodies as cudgel, pummeling Grollogo into submission. As the team set about transporting their prisoner back to Dalto Thum for questioning the very ground they stood on began to rumble, with the sound of an approaching army. An Orcish hoarde charged up the mountainside at them, rage and bloodlust propelling them forward. Flanking and surrounding the heroes of Bingle. In desperation James cast sending to the Dwarven battalion commander Nort Gaboon, who replied simply "Look to your left".

Dwarven reinforcements astride armor clad mountain animals clashed with the Orcish army, and battle erupted all around our heroes. Using the spirits of Uggo's Ancestors, Siv's agility and Meep's fiery breath to blaze a trail, the team escaped the maelstrom and made it back to the city. Using James's powerful suggestion, the team questioned Grollogo, even as Siv struggled with memories stirred up by the war. He withdrew to the Gristle Grog Tavern, where he heard more about the Idle Elders of Dalto Thum and made a decision to seek them out. Meanwhile, the team debated a just fate for their prisoner as they prepared for another audience with the King. As we ended last week, the team bedded down for another uneasy night of sleep and James cast sending once again. This time to Fardinald Ertinfert the mad tinkerer himself. James's message "We're coming for you".

Episode Time Stamps
Time Scene Link
9:30 Recap
23:30 Dondo's Chambers
48:30 The King's Chamber
56:50 Mention: The Magma Reserves
1:06:15 Mention: Bojeebo (orc name for the Candle Queen?)
1:14:10 Dondo's Chambers
1:25:35 Storage Building
1:37:10 The Magma Reserves
1:49:00 Break
2:08:45 Resume
2:25:40 Combat: Lava Lizards
4:05:00 End of combat
4:08:15 End
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