The Dungeon Run - Episode 39 Into the Fortress of the Four Former Forges

The Heroes of Bingle attempt to unravel the cryptic warning given to them by the Idle Elders, and make their final preparations to enter Skyscorcher Peak. What mysteries await in the very heart of the mountain, and what dangers lurk as they enter the Fortress of the Four Former Forges?

DM/GM Intro

Part I:

Attempting to solve parts of the riddle given to them previously, at midday the party gathered together and asked Humrian about Donk's wherabouts. Making their way through the Iron Vane, they found Donk in his humble dwellings. The dwarf recounted the story of a conversation he'd had with the orc captive Grollogo which, in part, led to the vengeful act he commited while the orc leader was restrained in Dondo Karigina 's home. Feeling ashamed, as the party explained that he had an option to put right his wrongdoing, Donk accepted their request to join him in their upcoming quest into the mountain. They visited a contemplative Dondo who, as they discussed their intention to have Donk as a temporary party member, expressed great concern. Realizing that he hadn't heard anything about the Four Former Forges, James communicated ethereally with Hermil Fesh with hopes of learning more.

Everyone then headed to the general store run by Ms. Lucalynne Oakbuckle where Lily bargained with her, exchanging paid lodging in Bingle for a magic scroll that Fahima had her eyes on.

They then had an audience with Ruzer Forebrand, the dwarven king, who granted them leave to enter the Fortress of the Four Former Forges and promised to escort them there the following morning.

After a night's rest, they returned to the throne room to meet the king once more, but found it to be somewhat difficult passage as they were greeted by giant crowd of excited people. The throng had been invited to the 'event' by a large collection of posters that were pinned throughout the city on the night previous. Penned and distributed by Siv, the posters read: "Come one, come all! See the Heroes of Bingle venture into the Four Former Forges tomorrow at dawn!" However, King Ruzer was displeased with the notoriety created by the impromtu marketing - his concern being that a party containing an orc would be allowed into the most sacred place in the city. Storming out of the throne room, Forebrand lead the party through the crowd on route to the entrance to the Forges. After a long time marching deeper into the mountain with the king, his guards and a slowly thinning crowd of well-wishers, the heroes finally arrived at the entrance. James immediately recognised an iron statue in the ante-chamber to be that of Orad Ironmark, who became the Storm warden in the War of Ideas. Siv is reminded of a vision he had back on the island of the Salvagemanders when he sees a corridor illuminated by torches that stretches up to the entrance of the Forges. King Forebrand then confesses his ignorance of how to actually enter the sacred place.

Part II:

Following the seemingly endless tunnel, illuminated as it is by Meep flying in front of the party and the multiple floor sconces, the ambient heat rises and gradually they enter a natural chamber with tall ceiling and low floor which is vaulted by stalactites and has stalagmites littered along the ground. As they are walking, entranced by the natural beauty of the chamber, Siv's attention is caught by a small piece of rock which falls to the ground. Straight away, Uggo launches a javelin at the movement he sees above the party. Lily and James are suddenly lifted off the ground by giant stalactites which 'fall' from the ceiling and impale them. Uggo then launches his grappling hook and attaches it to whatever it is that took his fellows. He successfully pulls the creature down and it can now be made out as an enourmous rock-camouflaged spider that had been perfectly hidden amongst the stalactites in the ceiling of the chamber. The spider has giant mandibles and large rocky limbs; on its back are what look like rock formations equal to those found in the chamber.


Fahima immediately runs in the opposite direction, compelled by a strange force and makes it through a strangely broken doorway in the direction the party was travelling. As Uggo lowers his axe decisively on the spider, he shouts his dislike of arachnids. Donk is directed to take cover behind Siv who attacks the creature feverishly. The spider further impales James and Lily on the 'stalagtites' on it's back and starts to move off across the ceiling of the chamber. Suddenly there is an enormous clap of thunder as James grasps Lily's hand disappears with her reappearing close to Fahima. In their wake, the sonic wave created by his spell rips across the chamber blowing the spider's body apart as it falls from the ceiling, dead.

Uggo and Fahima investigate the carcass and Siv reassures Donk and then investigates the spider's hiding place. Further along the pathway, they come across an accessway chisled into the left side of the chamber; rubble hinders their progress forward. Fahima sends Meep to scout ahead and the party follw into the cut out pathway. Fahima comes across a pile of eggs which seem to be freshly laid. After a discussion about what to do, they decide to bring stones down to block the entrance to the 'nest' and then investigate a couple of wooden doors nearby. Through a set of double doors, can be found a beautifully made, but otherwise nondescript room with more double doors at the end. This reveals a room containing a caved-in wall and two more sets of double doors, one set more ornate than the others. Through the smaller doors, they find a large beetle busying itself with some rocks. Just as the party dispatch the beetle, it explodes causing a fair amount of damage to the adventurers. The exploded body reveals that the beetle was attemping to hide a large piece of ore.

Investigating further, our heroes come across a large cirular chamber with four seemingly emptied ante-chambers surrounding it. Ancient dwarven runes in a series of phrases are translated by Donk reading - 'Nothing you can do to open this door', 'You may try to force this door open, but it's closed for good' and 'You lack the positivity to proceed''. Finally solving the riddle, the door to The Fortress of the Four Former Forges opens before the assembled group!e

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