Fahima Tadhg [fa-HEEM-uh TIE-g] is the only daughter of Conroy Tadhg, renowned scholar and explorer.

Fahima is an 18-year-old fire genasi. She appears to have golden skin, amber eyes, round black glasses, and long, thick, curly red-orange hair that crackles and twists like fire when she cast spells or experiences intense emotions. She carries her arcane focus, an Efreeti bottle gem, in her necklace.

Fire genasi are extremely rare in Aïn. Her father, Conroy, has a penchant for discovering, recovering and protecting Monstrous Creatures. In his advanced age, he went on a dangerous expedition in Pash where he found an Efreeti Bottle among ruins he was exploring. Upon release, the Efreeti granted him a wish. Conroy chose to wish for a child, born of fire and flesh. With a burst of light, the Efreeti disappeared and a small babe of dark golden skin and flaming red hair appeared in his arms. He maintained Fahima's appearance to be as human-like as possible, as not to draw attention from the villagers of their hometown, Axbright, to her extraordinary origin.

Fahima has a Baby Phoenix familiar named Meep. The party found Meep among the ruins of a fallen Lodestar in Episode 2.

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