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Fate and Fortune Episode Guide-COMING SOON
# Title Description Airdate Video Link
1 The Cat's Cradle A New Adventure Begins with DM Gabe Hicks 2-23-22

Fortune & Fate- Episode 1- The Cat's Cradle

2 Down the Rabbit Hole Left with questions after their last contract, the adventurers make a cautious return to The Bastion in search of answers. But there they find 2 new cohorts waiting for them, as well as news of a strange subterranean structure that could be connected to the mysterious Rakshasa. But as the team sets out to traverse this magical dungeon it becomes evident very quickly that nothing is as it seems in this strange and treacherous place… 4-13-22

Fortune & Fate - Episode 2- Down the Rabbit Hole

3 Fire & Fang Nedren & Ma find themselves separated from the others as they discover a strange settlement deep in the magical dungeon. There they meet some helpful creatures as well as two stranded adventurers. But when one of the creatures turns up dead with strange markings on their body, the heroes learn that trust can be dangerous in a place like this. 4-27-22

Fortune & Fate - Episode 3- Fire & Fang

4 Rats in a Maze After barely surviving their previous adventure, the unlikely foursome of Red, Zel, Zeph and Stro are dropped into a strange "stress test," where a mysterious figure challenges them to a series of puzzling scenarios. But the voice inside Zel's head has returned... and they may have other plans. 5-25-22

Fortune & Fate - Episode 4- Rats in a Maze

5 Tiger by the Tail As the situation inside the mystical dungeon grows more dire, Desi, Nedren and Ma are compelled to go deep within the subterranean structure once again in order to assist the escape of their cohorts. Along for the ride is Drooth, a charismatic Tabaxi Cleric who might bring new meaning to the term "Scaredy Cat." Together, the four of them set out on a rescue mission... but soon it becomes apparent that they might be the ones in need of rescuing! 6-11-22

Fortune & Fate - Episode 5- Tiger by the Tail