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Grollogo was first mentioned by Fardinald Ertinfert in Episode 5:Locks, Shocks and 2 Smoking Perils.  

He and his soldiers captured and tied down the Storm Warden who had fallen from the Lodestar. He is from Ook Duun and is the strongest of the Orcs so is therefore is the Leader/Chieftain of the Orc encampment. Uggo is mid fight with Grollogo when poofed away into a Warden memory.

In Episode 34:The Paladin and the King, he is the forward camp commander of the Orcs. When the adventurers see him this time he looks larger somehow, though one tooth is still crooked from when Uggo punched him in the face. He still has a contingent of Orcs following him around. On his body something has been done, modified. There is black Tungsten steel that has been grafted onto his skin. It looks like it has been seared directly onto his skin, on his arms, legs, down his Spine, sections of his neck, and in his Skull. His head is shaved, he wears chain mail, and a helm. He has a quiver with Javelins in it fanned out like a peacock and has a shield equipped with a Battle Axe at his side.

Grollogo was placed into the bag of holding unconscious but alive in Episode 36:Steel and Bone, so the party could out run the Orcish Troops. After James Quillus Cast Suggestion on him in Dondo Karigina's home, he spoke of Ertinfert and of how he is the one who kidnapped Torvalt and Diphthe. Grollogo told Donk that he not only killed his entire family but that he enjoyed it. After his death his plate is removed and the same stamp is revealed "Property of Fardinald Ertinfert: Steal Under Pain of most Heinous Death." 

Attack Damage Type Description (if known)
Barbed Javelin Piercing On a hit the Javelin is stuck in you. While the Javelin is stuck in you, you have disadvantage on attack rolls and you move at half speed. If you pull the Javelin out it does additional slashing damage.
Command the attack may be substituted for an attack by one of his subordinates
Prepare He pulls one of his Javelins down, slams it into the ground and readies himself (+5 to AC).

*Immune to Charm*

*Deceased: by the hands of Donquil "Donk" Fjorgensen Fineus Flatfury III

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