'Grollogo' by Siv Siscous

Grollogo was an Orc Leader who was from Ook Dun. He and his soldiers captured, and tied down the Storm Warden who had fallen from the Lodestar. Grollogo fought Uggo, was badly beaten, but before the fight ended, Uggo and the rest of the group disapeared. When the group eventually returned there was no sign up Grollogo or his men. 

He reappeared later in the story leading a group of orcs who were part of a force attacking the Dwarven city of Dalto Thum. He stood out as, this time, he had what appeared to be Tungsten steel plates grafted directly onto his skin.   

He met his demise at the hands of the person tasked with guarding him while being held captive by the party in Dalto Thum.   

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