Never knew one who could carry the sun like my Lily

Tundras of grim, lit up by the gem of your voice 

And I concede, I am merely a thief, but you stole me

You lifted my heart into light from the dark I avoid


Oh love, honey-gold hair

One second chance to measure 

Our worlds together

The Dungeon Run - Episode 30- Strangers’ Fête

The Dungeon Run - Episode 30- Strangers’ Fête

Touch, yes if you dare

Taste of romance and pleasure

You, my treasure, oh


I beg you to stay with your sweet serenade, Lily, won't you?

Show me the blooming of eyes that are blue-green tonight

Time slips away 

And the light starts to fade 

But I won't leave you

Just give me a dance, a forever romance by your side


Oh you're afraid

That I won't stay 

But time won't wait

And I swear, what I feel is real


Real love

For your honey-gold hair

Perhaps our last chance to measure

Our lives together

Touch, oh, if I dare

Just taste of romance and pleasure

Of us forever, oh


Lily, my love.


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