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In Episode 11:The Tardy Plunder, Siv RedThistle, attempts to speak with a short, squat guy holding the wheel of the ship. He is the Helmsman aboard the Tardy Plunder. This man is dressed like a pirate, he's got a cloth, a scarf, and a billowy shirt. He also has a flat hat with a skull and cross bones. While Siv is talking the Helmsman points to his tongue and indicates he can not speak. He then opens his mouth and shows Siv that his tongue has been cut out and he has a stump. The Helmsman looks bothered by Siv's interruption. A short time after his encounter with the Helmsman, Siv is told by the Captain (Mervis Blowhard) that the man he "spoke" with, the Helmsman, Loudmouth "the mute" had his tongue cut out by Whitebeard.  

Status: Lost to the Sea. - In Episode 12:To Bingle, Loudmouth failed his save against the Harpy's magic song, jumped off the ship into the water and slowly drifted away into waters unknown.

Until, Episode 40:The Legend of Whitebeard's Vault, the year 273 after the war in a room in the business district of Terlis the groups sees a man with wiry, brown matted hair along with sideburns and tongue intact.

In Episode 58:Lying with Snakes Loudmouth tells everyone he is Illiterate.