Fahima's Baby Phoenix Companion. Found under a rock in the episode The Fallen Lodestar.

She was first noticed as a flash of red and orange come from under the aforementioned rock, but the party was busy in combat with what was likely a Basilisk.

Once the beast was dispatched, they party turned their attention to the rock and the light coming from beneath. After Uggo lifted the rock, a nest could be seen with a small hatching bird with a deep, fiery red breast and flaming wings desperately trying to escape its surroundings.

Strewn around the next were shells from the various rebirth cycles the creature had been through, never maturing as it lost a constant battle to hunger.

But with welcoming, glowing fire-hands, Fahima coaxed the Baby Phoenix from its nest and in doing so, gained herself a familiar.

The party came to call the Phoenix 'Meep', most likely due to the first sounds they heard from the creature (although it projects feelings as a way of communication).

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