In Episode 6:A War of WardensFahima Tadhg, while inside the memory of the Storm Warden, looks at herself in a mirror and sees a teal shimmer. Her eyes peer out from behind the hood of the most spectacular cloak she has ever seen. The reflection in the mirror is almost entirely a shimmer. A delicate dance of blues and greens rippling across the surface of the cloak. When the hood is pulled back...Features of an Elf. Pointed ears, a soft ethereal face with a deep jagged scar from forehead to chin.

She chooses the white piece of the broken Orb, Which is known as The Mote of Gusts.

Mirasys Bloo chose to become the Cyclone Warden.

In Episode 20:The Inferno, in the second Warden memory, Mirasys takes the book The Hero's of the Aureate Age, from Nicholas Kiln, and secrets it away in her cloak. In a flash the memory takes her to another place. she is in a tent on a cot. She is holding the hand of Nicholas Kiln and giving birth? A baby girl....Osyra.

In Episode 68:The Eruption of Skyscorcher Peak, in the Cyclone Warden's memory, Mirasys stands far behind the other wardens. She is disconnected. She reaches up at the last second and pulls off the intellect devourers, blasts a torrent of elemental wind, and she screams "NO NO I WILL NOT FORGET HER!"

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