Mirasys Bloo was a hero of the War of Ideas in the  Aureate Age.

She was the last of the blue elves and known as their champion. She is always wore her shimmering and shifting teal cloak. The colors shift with blues and greens. She was known for, not only her unmatched fighting prowess, having the pointed ears of an elf with an ethereal face and a deep jagged scar from forehead to chin.

In the ceremony that created the Wardens She chose the white orb known as the mote of gusts. During the ceremony when the assembled crowd was asked who would stand for her, all of Ain stood for her as her race had been wiped out.

She is known to have had one child, a daughter whom she named Osira. The father is unknown.

She and Nicholas Kiln are responsible for the rescue and preservation of the tome entitled “The Heros of the  Aureate Age” after a dragon attack burned an unknown city.

Mirasys Bloo is the person Fahima sees the world through during the flashbacks of in the past


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