Nicholas Kiln was a hero of the Aureate Age and known as a true leader in all things. He was an “attractive human” with dark skin and the thinnest layer of shaved grey hair, and a tightly cropped grey beard.His eyes are described as solemn and ready of an unknown color. Known for wearing plate armor and having two long swords strapped across his back in an X. During the ceremony of the creation of the wardens he wore polished white armor with a thick fur hide wrapped around it. 

His eldest son was slain at some unknown point and his wife was dying of unknown reasons by the ceremony of the warden creation. His youngest son Peter stood for him as he chose the red orb known as the mote of embers. This would seal his creation as the Inferno Warden.

After an attack by dragons on an unknown city Nicholas, with the aid of Mirasys Bloo, saved the book “The Heros of the Aueate Age”

He was also present in the birthing tent, holding the hand of Mirasys Bloo, for the birth of her daughter Osira along with the woman in white.

His body was inhabited by the Orc Uggo during visions.

All information in this is taken from Episode six A war of Wardens And episode 20 The Inferno

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