The Dungeon Run - Episode 26 Caravan

Oh, darling, it's true.

My heart beats faster 'round you
I'll admit that I'm scared
These feelings are there
'Cause you might forget they are too

You might have different experience
So understand my uncharacteristic resistance 
See, I've found, at first love is fun
But after two weeks, it's done
And then, sails off in the distance 

So, oh, darling, it's true
I've found my heart pining for you
I'm pretty frightened to admit that I'm likin' you
'Cause you might forget you are too

So when you walk in, I just smile
But these feelings I can't reconcile

See, when this journey is done, and it's time to move on 
These feelings, they often recoil

No, I can't say it back, cause I've witnessed the fact
That these feelings only last for a while

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