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Oh no, it looks like we're friends

How you feel about me, well I guess that depends

I know this is work, we have jobs to do

But that doesn't change 

How I feel about you

Siv, you are sneaky, but you're also real kind 

Got everyone gifts, and you help in a bind

Fahima's on fire, quite literally

She's got hero instincts and a fiery bird, Meep

James, you're introverted, and you sure like to read


The Dungeon Run - Episode 21 City of Scrap

But you're also real smart, and you know how to lead

And Uggo, you're strong, physically, 

But you're also in touch, emotionally.

Oh no, it looks like we're friends 

And I'll say this to you, again and again

It's me on your side, for you I will cheer, 

Yes I want to come to your birthday party each year

You may think I'm sappy, you may think I'm plain

But you are my friends, and I hope I'm the same.