The Dungeon Run - Episode 3- A Way Up

This is a song of our fallen companions

The men and the women we've lost 'long the way

Though none have been women, 

I'm sure that will happen

Here is a song to remember their names


First there was Phil who began the adventure

Before he was skewered in the face in a cave

Then poisonous rats all tried to bite us

Unfortunately for them I know none of their names

We went to the inn where Raul was a barkeep

Dufo sold perfume and Suth hurried in

All were attacked by some bloodthirty kobolds

I'm sure the had names but I didn't get them

Dufo and Suth, they died in a portal 

Both cut in half on our way to meet Torvald 

Blink dogs and lizards and spiders, oh my, 

Guess they all died but none looked in my eyes

But this is a new addition, right now

Nightmare, a pegasus, he said goodbye

These are the names of our fallen companions

Their bodies are gone, but their memory remains

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