Smaller form missives from The Dungeon Run Discord #fan-fic channel:

The mortal coils hold on tight

Anchoring one to our past

Showing glimpses of our future

Teasing the heart with love and friendship

Holding to the motal coil

Companions evolve to friends

Friends evolve to loved ones

As life shifts to twilight

Release the motal coil

Fighting for the ultimate good

Peace and prosperity for all

One must release our only connection

To save them all

- Uggo thoughts - by Gevroe

Small and sweet with a stare of death

One kind word could be your undoing

Life without home is unbearable

Friendliness is a must so smile all day

Remember love burns hot when passion ignites

It will burn out quickly for it is oft mistaken

In life we seak true love for it hides from us all

True love makes life worth the fight

- new moto for Lilly - by Gevroe

With fur as golden as the sun
and emerald eyes of night.
One sight of you has bewitched me
and set my heart alight.
I know you are brave,
a handsome devil to boot
But would you steal away
more than just loot?
Please take this humble gift
made with loving care.
Remember this tabaxi
and the love she tried to share.
If you do return,
grant me a one request.
Visit me in the Abbey
to relieve this aching chest.
Do not mistake
the pangs of my heart
For those of lust
for which you might take part.
I only wish for you
to wrap me in embrace
and hold my hands
as I look upon your face.
-Akina Frostclaw

by operavoice93

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