In Episode 6:A War of Wardens, Lily Dumblestuck, while inside the memory of the Storm Warden, looks at herself in a mirror and sees someone very different looking back. She sees Rela Tallrunner who has a human face with chiseled features and hard cold eyes. Rela has tight silver blonde hair, intricately woven into a twisted braid that circles around her neck and drapes in front of her. There are swirling circular patterns of dark blacks and browns that cascade across thick leather armor that she is wearing. Her left shoulder is wrapped in a shiny metal casing that connects down her arm to a metal bracelet. Strapped to her arm is a magnificent silver and wood crossbow.

She chooses the blue piece of the broken Orb, Which is known as The Mote of Depths

Rela Tallrunner chose to become the Typhoon Warden

In Episode 20:The Inferno, she watches as books, history, information burns. Then in an instant the vision takes her elsewhere, she is outside a tent. She is covered in the blood, gore and remnants of war. She is there for the announcement of the birth of Osyra, Mirasys's daughter. She is trapped inside the heart of the Volcano at Skyscorcher Peak, in Episode 67:The Shattering. She is described as a shimmering blue shape, seemingly composed entirely of water. A 100 foot tall woman but almost completely translucent as if liquid itself were given form. A sparkling crystal blue, her face is scrunched up in agony, her eyes are closed and she is bound.

In Episode 68:The Eruption of Skyscorcher Peak, in the Warden's memory, Rela is crying as a library is being engulfed in flames.

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