Ron Ogden plays the (Three Quarters) Orc Barbarian Uggo.


Born in Honolulu Hawaii to an Army nurse, Ogden's sense of comedic timing and look upon the world came from the hectic life of a constantly nomadic military lifestyle. At the age of 20 Ogden discovered that improvisational comedy was his forte at Berry College with Easy Baked Improv. At the age of 22 he went on to round his comedic talents with a visit to NASA's Space Goddard Center in Maryland as an intern.

Six months into his acting foray Ogden landed a role in a Terry Gilliam short called The Legend of Hallowdega (2010) and the experience changed his life. He is known for his comedic antics on and off screen and has even been referred to as the walking "morale" of a set.

In 2012, Ogden landed the role of Robert Chamberlin in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012) as a gun and hatchet toting zombie slayer. The "mockbuster" giant, The Asylum (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009),Zombie Apocalypse (2011)) along with Richard Schenkman gave Ogden his chance to prove that even a "linebacker with a belly" can be an action hero.

Ogden resides in Atlanta where he frequents both the stand-up comedy and improvisation comedy scenes with vigor looking for his chance to woo a crowd with his zany yet insightful comedy.


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