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The Dungeon Run is a live roundtable RPG show in which five explorers will navigate an interactive Dungeons & Dragons game, featuring a minefield of audience-laid traps, spectacular models, and threatening monsters at every turn.

Get to know your cast of brave adventurers before you dive in.

The Dungeon Run merchandise is available now! Check out our brand new shirts!

Then: Follow The Dungeon Run on Caffeine to watch and interact live with the cast every Wednesday at 6PM PDT.

Got Fan Art? Add your fan art to The Dungeon Run gallery page. (By submitting, you confirm that you own the image and allow Caffeine, The Dungeon Run, and The Dungeon Rundown to share it on social media, broadcast, and online.)

Submit your Force of Good and Force of Evil card suggestions here.

The Dungeon Run Theme song now has a cool Dungeon Run Remix that you can listen to complete with some of the casts classic lines from the show.

Catch teasers and previous episodes on the YouTube Playlist or on our Dungeon Run Episode List Page and Dungeon Rundown Episode List Page. To see the episodes from the side adventure by Amy Vorphal you can go to The Mending of Magic Episode List

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