Drawn by: @scottbratek

"A rough gang of Achaieriders"

They are a band of thieving marauders, male and female, that ride giant flightless birds called Achaierai. The group is made up of Achaierai Riders and Achaierai Drummers/Dancers. Some look like they could be Hobgoblins. Their weapons include mainly hand axes, crossbows, scimitars, and chains. The Flock are opportunists who take advantage of a less stringent rule of law.

They wear distinctive leathers, boots, a helm with goggles and a face shield. They ride a top Achaierai in a saddle holding big long handlebars. On the Leather Jackets is a symbol in some paint - a billowing black cloud.

The Flock.gif

The first time they were encountered in Episode 22:Broken Places, Siv RedThistle was able to bribe them to leave.

The second time they were encountered was in Episode 27: Feathers and Fangs.


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