This gang of miscreants are known for causing problems in and around the area of Winkburgh. They wear distinctive black, well-worn leather clothing with goggles, helmets and masks. A black cloud insignia is painted on the back of their jackets. They ride giant, bird-like Achaierai and there are typically two riders per creature sitting back to back, one of them sometimes being a drummer who beats a thunderous rhythm which likely inspires Flock members to fight harder, and 'Thunderous Crescendo' can be used as an attack in battle. They typically use crossbows, hand axes and grappling chains.

Our heroes first encountered The Flock in episode 25 when they were shaking down Cornelia the Clean for money. The gang next appeared at the end of the following episode giving chase to the party as they headed away from Winkburgh, and of course in episode 27 when our heroes came face to face with this group of marauding criminal types.

The Flock are bad guys, but they're not so bad that they smoke! 


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