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Episode and Location Accquired Episode & Location Identified (if Applicable) Description Who has it
Episode 0 - In the depths of the Dragon's Lair Episode 3:A Way Up - In Torvalt's camp by Torvalt The Secret Keeper's Amulet belonged to Lord Arrabann, but was taken by a Sun Dragon at the end of the War of Ideas. It was missing from memory for a very long time. Eventually discovered inside a crystal, that was recovered by the group during their first quest together.

This is a magical item of immense power and chaos magic. It is able to rip through the fabric of reality altogether to allow the adventurers to speak directly to the Watchers of the Time-stream, allowing the Watchers of the Time-stream to influence the world. To help and/or hinder the adventurers as they see fit.

Lily Dumblestuck