The Secret Keeper's Amulet
The Secret Keeper's Amulet belonged to Lord Arrabann, but was taken by a Sun Dragon at the End of the War of Ideas. Missing from memory for a very long time, it was eventually discovered inside a crystal, that was recovered by the group during their first quest together. The amulet allows the group to communicate with the Gods of the Time Stream (the viewers), who can give the group advice, and give items of good or evil or influence the events in both ways.

First revealed as the Amulet in episode 3, Torvalt the Timid initially described the item thusly:

"I believe this is The Secret Keeper's Amulet a magical item of immense power and I believe it is chaos magic. You may be aware that there are many realities, and ours is separated by planes of realities. Beyond the plane there are Gods, Gods who watch us, who judge us, whose viewership and vicissitudes determine our fate; this item can break through the fabric of that reality, you can speak to these Gods who watch us, ask them questions and they may even be able to effect this reality. Perhaps you've already felt divine inspiration come to you at odd moments, creatures that should not have been there appearing out of nowhere, items that perhaps you didn't know or shouldn't know."

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