The following list of characters were all Introduced in episode 11 on the Tardy Plunder -

Stinky Steef - A pristine looking man with manicured moustache, he has dark skin and a bald, cleanly shaven, head. With a deep voice he invites Siv to play 'High Card', a game of his own invention.

Maud - She has three teeth and long hair including one on her nose which seems semi-prehensile as it moves when she talks. She instantly takes a shine to James.

Honker - A tall man with large red beard which rests over a white shirt barely covering his large belly. He has an infectious, high pitched laugh. During a violent storm, he is washed overboard despite Siv's attempt at rescue

Olo - Chef of The Tardy Plunder, he was left with only his right hand (his left has been replaced with a spoon) after an attack on Bingle, while he was preparing for his wedding on the island. During the fight he also lost a simple, but elegant and extremely sentimental valuable ring given to him by his betrothed (which was a family heirloom). He is softly spoken and longs to be with his love - a Mermaid, with whom he can communicate using a conch shell. They are finally reunited in a later episode.

Willoughby - Halfling pirate often found in the Crow's Nest. He fall to his death under the spell of Harpies later in the same episode.

Sharn - Orc boatswain (Pr. 'bosun). She wears tight black leathers and has jet black hair cascading over her shoulders. She's an avid reader and has a pragmatic personality. In her role on the ship, she is responsible for the running of day to day deck business and the crew themselves.

Loudmouth the Mute - Human Helmsman. A short, squat man wearing traditional pirate garb, his tongue was cut out by Whitebeard, but it seems he would have been a man of few words in any case.

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