Generations ago, the War of Ideas ravaged Ain. In the aftermath of the war, the Wardens became the protectors of the realm, they maintained peace against cataclysmic threats to the land.

After having not been seen for such a long time, their story passed into legend until some didn't even believing that they had existed. Each warden is bound to an element. The first Warden the party came across turned out to be the Storm Warden in the active Lodestar during episode 4 whose skin pulsed with blue flashes and was being held captive by Fardinal Ertinfert, then the Inferno Warden in episode 18 which was restrained by a giant cephalopod at the very bottom of The Deep Reef. (both pictured below).

Name Mote Character Original Race Original Name
Typhoon Warden Mote of Depths Lily Dumblestuck Human Rella Tallrunner
Inferno Warden Mote of Embers Uggo Human Nicolas Kiln
Storm Warden Mote of Sparks James Quillus Dwarf Orad Ironmark
Cyclone Warden Mote of Gusts Fahima Tadhg Elf Mirasys Bloo
Quake Warden Mote of Stone Siv RedThistle Dragonborn Zhong Laolong

Typhoon Warden

Described as a blonde human male carrying a silver crossbow. Also described as the Hero of Starlock.


Name Type Damage Description
Dehydrate Necrotic 8d8 Extracts all moisture from affected creatures
Melee Storm Bludgeoning 6d6 Unknown
Whirlpool Geyser Bludgeoning 3d8 Unknown

Inferno Warden

InfernoWarden gorbinplade

Inferno Warden.gif by gorbinplade

Described as a dark skinned human male wearing white armor and carrying dual longswords. This person has a son named Peter.


Name Type Damage Description
Searing Punch Fire Unknown Unknown
Immolate Fire 7d6 Unknown
Explosion Fire 6d6 Unknown

Storm Warden

StormWarden lightning gorbinplade

Storm Warden .gif by gorbinplade

Described as a dwarf wearing a red cape and a horned helmet and is carrying both ornate hammers and a battle worn mace.


Name Type Damage Description
Thunder Clap Unknown 5d6 Unknown
Thunder Unknown Unknown Unknown
Shock Fist Unknown Unknown Unknown

Cyclone Warden

Described as an elf with a scarred face from forehead to chin and is wearing a magic shimmering cloak.


Name Type Damage Description
Gale Force Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eye of the Tornado Unknown Unknown Unknown

Quake Warden

Described as a dragonborn wearing a golden armor and a plate kilt and is carrying a gold inlaid longsword. He is also wears the royal symbol of the Northern Empire.


Name Type Damage Description
Fissure Unknown Unknown 60 Foot trench
Boulder Toss Unknown Unknown Unknown

Fist of Stone Unknown Unknown Unknown

* Wardens augment each other's attack - Auto crit on augmented special attacks, Special attacks must recharge

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