• Greetings, my name is Kelly Bauer, most just call me k4m0. I hope this post reaches you and you take time to read the general background story. Intro: each characters intro varies depending on lifestyle so for an orc the intro would be, one day while working in the field tending to his mushrooms as his orc family runs and plays, he firmly stikes the ground with his hoe with a loud tink* sound he then pulls back on the tool and opens a hole in the earth revealing a strange golden relic. As he bends down to pick it up his wife yells from the porch "what is it dear." As he begins to reply he picks up the device and suddenly, a bright light flashes it goes dark and flashes again. The lights so disorienting no living thing could resist it. And thusly as he starts to fall unconscious he hears other voices. A female screaming "where are you taking me," a male writhing in pain from being blinded. Then nothing. All black and no sound as you fall completely unconscious and a hidden voice speaks to you so lightly it would be impossible to hear over the noise of the others screaming and it says, help them, find the library, there you can learn about this place but there isnt much time. You must hurry!! Thats the intro. The next scene the heros all appear in the middle of a "town" wink wink lol.. all circled around a well with 4 buildings each on a corner of the only 2 streets in the so called town, and 1 building due north at the end of the road that seems to be a church with some oddly violent pillars supporting the weight. Insider tip each pillar is part of the heroes journey to come but they dont know it yet. The orc in this instance will have first initiative. As you wake up you have fuzzy memories of your family and your mushroom field. You remember picking up the golden relic and a large blast of light and darkness fall upon you and a small remembrance of a voice and the words Help, time, and library. As he stands up he's no longer in his farming outfit but a heavey set of orcish armour. Amazing quality unlike any other orc clan's known armour. He is also holding the relic but it seems to only be a piece of its former wholeness. once the final player makes his final movement or action itll trigger a 3 or 5 day clock depending on the group who entered. 5 for novice 3 for experts. The entire group hears "5 days time of the unseeing, then everything you know thus far will slip from being, find the library with time to spare, your journey will be easy and you may just manage to bare, but if time is wasted your long lives will be hastened." If you like this intro it dives way deeper as you take time to approach the buildings and explore a bit. All depending on the adventures and DM. Contact me @ my email if this is a story you would like to pursue in the future! Id love to be able to watch someone run it or maybe even DM myself! My email is and im looking forward to hearing from you! Even if it is just to play a character lololol Great fan/Imagine enthusiast hope you guys continue on your rise to fame!!

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