First mention of him is by Preet in Episode 23:The Duke of Winkburgh, as being The Ashen Mage's assistant. Preet describes him as a stocky man with side burns and long, long hair. Very strong and quick tempered.

Xenalka says in Episode 28:Blood in the Alabaster Woods that he is a trained Mage. He was a man. she does not know what he is now.

In the center of the stone spiral, in the middle of the Alabaster Woods the group sees, an amorphous crimson creature of gore. dripping, oozing living blood. Red liquid blood standing there surrounding its body, moving, it's dripping around him. His arms outstretched. There is no distinguishing between the ground begins and the creature ends. He levitates. Spindrals of blood levitate him. The surface of his body is fluid. The blood shell peels back and underneath is a wolf form. Without the Blood shell he is a wolf but much more intelligent looking, not as primal. He casts spells from a copy of the Ashen Mage's Spell book.

The climax to the subsequent fight has been wonderfully embellished by Aegis13 in the fan fiction 'Breaking the Coil'.

Attacks Damage type Description (if known)
Blood Drain
Necrotic Has a Multi attack - If he hits with either of his bloody hand touches he does damage and your maximum hit points are reduced by the same amount of damage you take until your next long rest. The damage you take heals this creature.
Blood Bolt Has a Multi Attack - Must recharge (if recharges) can do Blood Drain, and in addition. in the same action he can do Blood Sluice.
Blood Sluice Necrotic Casts a 20 foot radius, 30 foot tall cylinder of swirling blood. You must pass a constitution saving throw or be blinded and take necrotic damage.
Blood Shell Can create a Blood Shield around himself as protection.

*Can cast misty step,

**Has 3 legendary Resistances per day - can choose to auto succeed if he fails a save.

Manor of Death: Ultimately eldritch blasts by James Quillus through the neck. Then his head was smashed in for good measure by Uggo

Drawn by @JdIllustrates

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