Whitebeard is first mentioned in Episode 11:The Tardy Plunder as the man who cut out Loudmouth's tongue. He is then mentioned in Episode 15:Pirate Problems by Mervis Blowhard as a man that is "always interfering". Sharn tells Siv Redthistle that there is a long history betwixt Mervis and Whitebeard. She further states that "friends, family can turn out differently then you think". Whitebeard is first seen by the group, in Episode 16:Whitebeard's Jutty, cheering and watching a fight in the pit. He is described as a very large man with a big belly. He has an enormous white cascading beard that goes over the top of his belly and down past his knee caps.

*According to Loudmouth, Whitebeard is wanted in Colsi, Vies, the Shaxen Gao, Kingdon, and Latlan.

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