In Episode 6:A War of WardensSiv RedThistle, while inside the memory of the Storm Warden, looks at himself in a mirror and sees that he no longer resembles himself. The face staring back at him is that of a Regal Dragonborn, with deep set green eyes and a protruded snout. He has smooth shiny scales that seem to reflect an auburn or burnt orange hue. He wears golden armor with distinct interlocking plates each in a sharp triangular shape. His gauntlets are similarly crafted but pulled back into long thin spikes nearly the length of his forearm. Both gauntlets have the Royal symbol of the Shaxen Gao emblazoned on them. The bottom half of his armor is a platemail kilt made of the same design. On his hip is an exquisitely crafted Longsword whose hilt is inlaid with gold.

He is the relative of the Queen of the Shaxen Gao empire. She stood for him in the ceremony of the creation of The Wardens.

He chooses the gray piece of the broken Orb, Which is known as The Mote of Stone.

Zhong Laolong chose to become the Quake Warden.  

In Episode 20:The Inferno, in the second Warden memory Zhong watches as books, history, information burns. Then in an instant the memory takes him elsewhere, he is outside a tent. He is covered in the blood, gore and remnants of war. He is there for the announcement of the birth of Osyra, Mirasys's daughter.

In Episode 68:The Eruption of Skyscorcher Peak, in the Warden's memory he is wearing a ring with a brilliant orange and red stone. A familiar ring.

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