Zhong Laolong was a hero of the Aureate age. Described as a regal dragonborn face with deep set green eyes and a protruding snout. His scales are described as smooth and shiny that almost seem to reflect and auburn or burnt orange hue. He wore armor of distinct interlocking plates, each in a sharp triangular shape. The gauntlets were similarly crafted but pulled back into long thin spikes nearly the length of his forearm. Emblazoned on each was a strange symbol, later described as the royal symbol of the Shaxen Gao. The bottom half of his armor is a platemail kilt of the same design. At his hip he carries an exquisitely crafted longsword with a gold inlaid handle.

During the vision in episode six he was inhabited by the Tabaxi Siv Redthistle

He is the relative of the Queen of the Shaxen Gao empire and her counsel. She stood for him in the ceremony of the creation of the wardens. In the ceremony he was inhabited by Siv and after leaving it to chance the grey orb was chosen. This orb was the mote of stone, turning Zhong Laulong into the Quake Warden

information used was taken from Episode 6: A war of Wardens

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